What do you need to profit from your copy?

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What do you need to write and profitThis week we have several new people joining the business writing club, because they attended my most recent writing workshop. We had a blast celebrating Small Business Weekend at an event hosted by SoCal Etsy Guild. So welcome to all the newbies!

For those that have been around for awhile, I appreciate you being a part of the movement to amplify your business writing. As you can imagine, I get asked a lot of questions about the best way for an entrepreneur to write about their business.

From how to tell their brand story + what to include on the about page, to what should be on the homepage, the navigation bar + how to write their sales page to increase profits. Working on these projects always gets me amped up, because I have so much value to give.

I also know I can help my clients turn online lookers into buyers by making an emotional connection with their copy. Having completed 200+ copywriting projects for clients I have definitely honed my craft over the last few years.

There is no question that I don’t absolutely love to answer when it comes to writing copy. Today I want to turn my expertise over to you + hear your burning questions, so I can answer them at some point either in an upcoming blog or in programs I am looking to offer in the near future.

I have a lot of respect for your time, so I’m only going to ask one question. Click HERE + leave your answer in the survey. I’m taking responses until December 16, so let me know how I can help you sooner rather than later. There’s also a book giveaway, so be sure to read this entire blog post for those details.  

My deepest thanks for your participation + I can’t wait to answer your Qs.

With Luminosity,





P.S. If you want to be eligible to win a FREE copy of my published book Unleash Your Voice: DIY Website Writing Guide for Entrepreneurs leave a comment below saying “I want the book!” AND fill out the survey before December 16. I will use Random.org to choose a winner and mail it to you at no cost. 




    • Marlena

      at 11:44:12

      I want the book. –Marlena Martin

    • Dawn

      at 22:35:05

      Sarah! I want the book! (Pls)

    • Jaclyn

      at 12:51:18

      You continue to inspire me! Keep up the great work. And yes, I want the book.

      • Sarah Grear

        at 13:37:49

        Back at ya Miss Jaclyn ; )

    • Melissa Carr

      at 07:43:42

      I want the book!! Thanks Sarah!

    • Michele

      at 13:15:54

      I want the book too! (And I did the survey already!)

    • Elise Green

      at 09:20:09

      I want one!

    • Cate

      at 13:36:59

      Thank you for even giving this opportunity and of course I want the book pretty please. Your blog is amazing.
      Thanks so much

      • Sarah Grear

        at 13:42:13

        You’re so welcome Cate xoSG

    • Catherine Storing

      at 13:27:18

      I want the book!

    • Marcela A. Hawk

      at 18:10:38

      Hey Sarah, I was so bummed to miss your most recent class – I would love to read your book. And I’m willing to bribe with a professional massage, just saying’.

      • Sarah Grear

        at 13:00:01

        Thank you Marcela– good luck : )

    • Jaime

      at 14:25:16

      Hi Sarah! I’m still working out of the notebook you gave me at the DIY workshop, and I would LOVE to have the full, published version to help me fine tune my writing even further. Btw – So proud of you for this accomplishment!!

      • Sarah Grear

        at 14:26:59

        Awwww Jaime, you are such an inspiration to me.. Love being a part of your story!

    • Leisa

      at 13:52:02

      I want that book!!

    • Jen Summers

      at 12:22:55

      I am super inspired by the writing workshop from the SoCal Etsy event! Answering the questions in the writing exercise helped me to answer some big questions about my business. Thank you!
      And YES!! I want the book!!! 🙂

      • Sarah Grear

        at 14:03:32

        Yay Jen! It was so much fun playing with all of you at the So Cal Etsy Guild!!

    • Stacey

      at 10:03:48

      I want that book, Sarah! It looks awesome! Thanks for doing the giveaway.

    • D.L. Carpenter

      at 14:47:54

      Great blog and glad to be a newbie to the community. I thoroughly enjoyed the session at SoCal Small Business Weekend. It has given me much to pause and be still about. Thank you!
      P.S. I want your book, too!

      • Sarah Grear

        at 15:05:21

        You’re so welcome D.L.! I absolutely love your site by the way. Good luck : )

    • Lisa

      at 11:47:09

      I want the book!



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