Overcoming the Fear of Business Growth

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You might be surprised to hear that my 2014 started in December last year.

There’s a saying that gets repeated quite a bit: pain pushes, vision pulls. Last December I was being pulled forward into 2014 in a major way.

Trying to fight my undeniable vision was like telling gravity to take a hike. Not going to happen, so instead I buckled up for the ride. My vision was to help entrepreneurs reveal their true purpose at a live event + then be able to package that with compelling words online. No biggie, right? 

DIY Website Writing WorkshopThe joke was on me, because what that really meant was I had to stop being afraid + invest in my business. Putting the money where my mouth was felt a whole lot different than I expected.

It meant taking the magic of my 1:1 copywriting services + distilling it into a meaningful two day workshop, giving up total control of my business, and learning to collaborate beyond my usual projects. Which also meant there was no way I could do that alone.

But I had a vision that kept pulling me forward. It took me the last four months + teaming up with lots of amazing people to make that vision a reality, the result was Unleash Your Voice: DIY Website Writing Workshop.

Today I want to share with you three tools that I used to invest in my business + overcome the fears that naturally come with growth.



Lead with Purpose

This might seem obvious, but I had to start by getting uber clear on my purpose before I could take my vision into the world. Leading with clear + specific purpose at every turn of planning this event had a contagious, enthusiastic effect on anyone that got involved.

From the sponsors to attendees, + even my mastermind group that helped me with the planning, if I wasn’t all in with my enthusiasm we could have never pulled this event off.

Living your purpose makes investing energy + money into business much easier.   


Spend Money to Make Money

I’m probably not the first, + I most certainly won’t be the last, entrepreneur in this brave new world to be scared out of their mind about spending money on their business.

Money blocks are probably the number one thing holding back most small businesses. While it feels like a make or break situation there are ways to make sound decisions about how you will invest in your business.

Start with creating a monthly budget of your expenses. Once you know what that looks like then stick to it. It’s equally important to look at your emotional relationship with money.

Money is one form of energy, it will always be flowing in + out of your life.

Making little shifts in your mindset can make a big difference in your business.  


Build the Support

When I started putting together this live workshop I had some amazing support already in place.

The trick was remembering the players on my team + how to best tap into their assistance.

One pivot that had massive results was reaching out to corporate sponsors. At first, I was reaching out to brands I loved + respected, but I had formed zero relationship with prior to the event. Big surprise, I got no response from them. When I pivoted + reached out to my existing relationships I had three sponsors on board in the blink of an eye. 

DIY Website Writing Workshop

Now that the event is a wrap I’m deeply grateful to each amazing person that showed up, or helped me behind the scenes for my first, live DIY website writing workshop. The group energy was divine, every moment felt so right + inspiration was flowing over at every turn.

Now I want to hear from you, did you find some new ways to overcome your fears of business growth from this post? If so, share one tool + how you will use it, or if you have your own tools for investing in your business growth share them in the comments below.  


With Luminosity,








    • Lana Shlafer

      at 14:38:59

      I am so glad you are spreading your wings and flying dear Sarah! Thank you for sharing your journey and reminding us that it takes a village! 😉

      • Sarah Grear

        at 15:29:57

        You’re so welcome Lana. I so appreciate your support every step of the way.

    • Jennifer Lozier

      at 11:42:59

      Sarah, I love this! Thanks so much for sharing! As a writer/copywriter myself, I’d love to chat and maybe collaborate with you in the future … like a joint writing program or something. 🙂

      • Sarah Grear

        at 11:52:11

        Awww.. thank you, Jennifer. If we’re not already friends on FB send me a request. I will reach out to you this month to see how we can play xoSG

    • Silvia

      at 15:34:24

      Sarah, I could feel the positive energy from this experience all through this post. Would love to hear more about it. I’m so happy for you and inspired as I too step out of my comfort zone and take a leap of faith!

      • Sarah Grear

        at 15:38:38

        Thank you Miss Silvia. Still crossing my fingers we will collabo in the future. Feel free to write me with Qs. xoSG

    • Judy

      at 13:37:06

      Love you Sarah! Love your work. You are indeed an inspiration and I am happy and fortunate to have you in my life. You will do good shining your light on others. Big hugs 🙂

      • Sarah Grear

        at 14:47:52

        Judy thank you for melting my heart with your kind words. xo

        • Judy / Cut the Crap Solutions

          at 21:58:21

          Hope, dear Sarah, that you won’t melt away … 🙂
          I think that one of your greatest traits is getting people to think. That is the effect you have on me. Want to relate to your first point: Lead with Purpose. It clearly relates to Simon Sinek’s WHY. When you know WHY you are doing something, and your WHY is bigger than your self-interest – it ignites the passion in you. Want to relate to your third point, as well – building a support team. Your pivotal point is so poignant. Time and time again we spend our time/lives chasing after those (people/companies) that don’t really care about us rather than focusing on those who are already there and truly want to be part of our lives. Rather than celebrating those who are there for us, we look over their shoulders seeking those who are not … Big hugs of CELEBRATION not just of the success of your DIY Workshop and business but of your wisdom and inspiration.

          • Sarah Grear

            at 16:21:50

            You make great points as always Judy. Thank you for the poignant feedback 🙂



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