19 Launch Coaches to Watch in 2019

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This past month I did my first webinar style launch since 2015.

I went into it with eyes wide open. Knowing I had been way too reliant on webinars to do the selling for me in previous launches. Having the perfect funnel doesn’t always mean the dough will just magically roll your way.

While most people are zigging, I zagged with my latest launch strategy.

I opened doors to my new program teaching how to shave 15 to 20 hours off your work week without a course. Instead, we focused on scaling private client work.


The results:

4 spots @ $3500 + 1 spot @ $5500 = $19,500.


I’ve been toying with this launch in my head since the end of 2017. But all the actual implementation happened over a few weeks in January. Hats off to my incredible team members Lindsey and Kim.

Having the privilege of curating a powerhouse group of people is beyond what I imagined. It’s an absolute honor.


I’ve learned a lot from scaling my launch with private calls.


1. For previous launches, I’ve charged $500 for people to apply and book a call to be in my program. That was a flop and really not necessary as long as my webinar training makes it super clear about who should join.


2. This is the first time I was 100% confident of the pricing. The clarity came from face-to-face conversations and feedback from peeps interested in joining before I ever put the price on the market.


3. I took as much pressure off the webinar as humanly possible. That meant talking in groups, selling way before the program officially opened on the webinar, and name-dropping the incredible people who said yes from the minute I announced my idea to open doors.


4. On that same note, I did a lot of pre-selling to tap into what people were saying about the program. There was so much gold in those interactions and I weaved it into my promos.


5. Also, the pre-selling allowed me to feel way more relaxed and excited when I finally got to announce it to my core email fam bam.


6. I’m being selective about making invitations. Being upfront on who’s a good fit means the applicants were nothing short of impressive.


7. This launch didn’t have a sales page. Just a sexy application page to book a call.


8. Most of the promo happened in other people’s FB groups when they hosted me as a guest speaker.


9. No paid ads were needed.


Biggest takeaway:

I’ve been building my inner circle for the last 7 years of my copy biz, I’ve never truly asked them to support me in launching to this extent. It begged the question, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

The queen of allowing support realized there was even more support right under her nose. Touche, Universe.

Today, I have something for you to get the ball rolling so you can finally move launching off of your to-do list and get it live!

Below you’ll find a list of launch coaches to choose from that will help you get your launch live and amp up your sales.


In addition to this list of talented launch coaches, I also have a free gift for you, “Triple Email Open Rates Email Template Scripts.” This free download will help you go live with your copy at lightning speed. Click on the image and opt-in to receive the template scripts directly to your email.



If you’re looking to launch at lightning speed.

Here’s a list of launch coaches that I personally recommend (in no particular order). I went on a world-wide interwebs tour to hand-select the very best talent I could find from Iceland to the UK and all over the United States. I wanted you to feel supported no matter where you are located.


Ali Brown


Scottsdale, AZ

Launch Coach & Consultant


Amy Porterfield


Carlsbad, CA

Course Creation and Course Launching


Breanna Gunn


Lansing, MI

Launch Coaching & Strategy


Cathy Olson


San Diego, CA

Website & Funnel Strategy + Custom Design


David Garland


St Louis, MO

Rise to the Top


Drew Burks

UndergroundFunnelSecrets.comSan Diego, CA

Funnel Strategy, Build, & Optimization. Live & Automated Webinars 


Elle Kealy


London, UK & Hong Kong

Program Design & Launch Strategy For Health & Wellness Coaches


Holly Arter 


Oklahoma City, OK 

Braid Creative


Lori Mercer


Columbus, OH 

Launch strategy, implementation, and operations


Marie Poulinweareokidoki.com

Halfmoon Bay, BC, Canada

Product + Service Strategy, Launch coaching, Marketing Automation


Mehrab Rezaadlantica.com

Fort Worth, TX 

Funnel Optimizer


Nathalie Doremieux


Toulouse, France

Membership Site and Online Course Expert


Ron Reich


San Diego, CA

Launching and Scaling


Shaa Wasmund MBE


London, UK

Author and Digital Entrepreneur


Shenee Howard


Long Beach, CA


Brand Strategist, Copywriter



Reykjavik, Iceland & Zurich, Switzerland


Launch & Scaling Strategy



Stephanie Hessforwardpath.coSan Diego, CA 

Launch Coaching


Stu Mclaren




Launch Coach & Strategist



Clearly I’m excited about these high-level launch coaches so you can finally have someone in your corner.

Don’t forget to grab your free “Triple Email Open Rates” template scripts by clicking here, so you can hit the grounds running with your launch coach.


Got a launch coming up? I want to hear about it.

Leave a comment below with your average email open rates. I have a weird fascination with launch numbers.


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