How Do I Get Booked For Speaking Events?

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I was talking to another copywriter and she asked me, “Sarah, I’m at the point where I need clients again, what do I do?”

Here’s what I told her:

The number one thing you need to book premium clients (my favorite kind!) is to speak.

Speaking in the right rooms, to the right people, really blew up my business in a way that I didn’t even expect.

It meant I was booked 4 months out and I had a wait list for the first time in the history of my business.

So, I know the first question you’re thinking:

OK Sarah, how do I get invited to speak in the first place?

Simple. Be an expert and celebrate.

Whatever service or product you provide you need to get results worth celebrating.

That’s how I get ALL my speaking invitations.

Here’s how I celebrate my expertise:

  • I have a million dollar launch for a copy client, I celebrate it on Facebook.
  • We get to 8k subscribers for my copy client’s challenge, I celebrate it on Facebook.
  • I get hired by an internationally known brand, I celebrate it on Facebook.
  • I speak at an event, I celebrate and send my notes from speaking to my email list.


75% of the time I celebrate on my personal Facebook page.

The other 25% of the time I celebrate with my email list and give them the inside scoop.

This formula may seem deceptively simple, but what I do next makes all the difference. People who take notice of my accomplishments then personal message me on Facebook, or email me asking to chat.

Sometimes we chat about a project, sometimes I want to refer them business, sometimes we’re just catching up.

The key here is I always make time to have private chats with clients and friends in my entrepreneur circle. Then I celebrate my latest big launch results.

Nearly 100% of the time they invite me to speak at their event, mastermind, or on their podcast.

That’s it!

Then when I get in front of an audience, I make sure I give outstanding value and that most of the audience is my ideal client.


Here’s what you can do to get clients at your next speaking event:

Step 1: Show up at your speaking event and give value.

This likely goes without saying. The first step to booking clients is to give them some kind of value without asking for anything in return.

Step 2: Speaking is not enough, the follow up is everything.

Leave a way for the audience to follow you from the stage to actually booking your service. So for live events and podcasts, I recommend creating a specific funnel for them so they can potentially hire you.

Anytime I’m a podcast guest, or I speak at a live event, I give them a link to get some additional free value from me. I created a download that they can get by adding their name and email to my list. I usually send them to my brand copy guide.

For example, I recently offered my link: because I was on Annette’s Office Talk podcast and people can get my free brand copy guide as a gift.

VERY IMPORTANT: Work out giving a free link to the audience with the organizer before the event. Some organizers don’t want you to do this and some people are more than happy to let the crowd know that you are for hire. So you have to work it out in the beginning and be upfront with them.

Say to the organizer, “Hey, I would potentially like to get hired from your event. A percentage of people are going to ask about this, here’s how I would like to deal with it.” Make it easy for them to say yes and you should be golden!

Just be sure to have that conversation before you speak on the podcast, or at the live event, to make sure you are all on the same page.

Step 3: Then you send them through a specific set of emails that invite them to hire you.

You need to be really clear about how they take that next step in your follow up emails.

Here’s the thing, as a general rule… people will not magically want to hire you when you speak.

You need to invite them to hire you and that’s a big missing piece for most people who get in front of an audience. They put all their focus on preparing for the event and then never follow up after.

So, where am I speaking next? So glad you asked. 😉

Last month, I was on Annette Stepanian’s podcast and you can listen in here.  

Last week, I spoke about how to go from 6 to 7 figures in your business at Lana Shlafer’s private Mastermind event in Long Beach.

In July, I’m going live online with my friend Sigrun in Iceland. It’s a private talk exclusively to her group about how to create copy that converts and the 6 figure sales page blueprint I use for my private clients.

I’ll also be recording an interview with Kamila Gornia for her brand new podcast show.

In September, I’ll be at the Inspired Retreat near Nashville.

To say I’m pumped to be drinking sweet tea and teaching, “How to Go From Story Telling to Story Selling” is an understatement.

I was invited to this event by my dear friend and copy client Amber Housley.

Here are some gorgeous shots she shared with me of the location…

Photo Credit Nancy Ray Photography

Photo Credit Gina Ziedler

Photo Credit Gina Ziedler

If you’re drooling on your computer and you want to join me at this event, I’d love to give you a squeeze in person.

Learn more about Inspired Retreat, a one of a kind business and lifestyle retreat for creative women entrepreneurs and register here:

Registrations are limited to only 24 seats to allow for close connections, relationship building and access to speakers and fellow attendees.

AND as I teach, I’ll be sharing the inside scoop and my biggest takeaways with you if you’re on my list. Because you’re my peoples and I value you for being a VIP Copy Club Insider.


I’ll leave you with this one piece of business building advice.

If you need clients right now the first thing you should do is go look at the historical data of your business. Figure out what got you the most clients in the past and go do that first.

Then you can start to play with the speaking strategies I mentioned above.

Once you get the clients, stay in touch with them.

It’s generally easier to turn your past clients into a repeat client than trying to book brand new clients who don’t know you yet.

This is how you create a sustainable business by building customer relationships for life. 

I hope you get some inspiration for getting booked as a speaker.

It takes guts to show up, be an expert and celebrate!

Do you have a speaking gig coming up? Post it in the comments below. So we can all cheer you on!!

With Luminosity,


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