Giving back to the community



I believe that every child and woman should have access to one on one attention paired with free education. That’s why my business model invests in programs like 826LA, Dress for Success, YMCA, and the Courage To Fly that promote this mission worldwide.

When you invest in my business you’re extending my reach to help underserved children and women who need more one on one attention + education.




Especially close to my heart is the 826LA Time Travel Mart. They are part of a larger, international network of writing center for kids ages six to 18. Throughout the year more than 10,000 students visit 826LA’s Mar Vista + Echo Park location.

The nonprofit organization offers after-school tutoring, writing workshops, field trips + in-school programs. I’m a big fan of their core project called “Pen to Paper” where children have the opportunity to become published authors.

Each time you purchase services from my business Creative Custom Writing, Inc. I donate a portion of the proceeds to support 826LA’s programs. 


 “The kids come to our after school program to do their homework, so they can go home + enjoy their family.

A happy family means a happy community, a happy community is a happy city, which leads to a happy world.”

– Dave Eggers, 826LA Founder


Dress for Success




Courage to Fly