Want in the Creative Copywriting Club?

Back by popular demand are the I’ll Write it For You virtual copywriting services + a chance to see it all in action.

You’ve been spending countless hours trying to figure what to say on your website when these full-blown copy, mid-sized + petite copywriting packages could save you the headache.

Did I mention that no matter what you choose we will wrap your project in five days or less? Yes, you heard me right.

I call them my writing vacations + this is one virtual writing vacation that will end up making you money.

How? Because I’m all about turning online lookers into buyers. If you speak marketing strategy, like me, we call it writing copy that converts.   

Lemme, lemme upgrade you.. in my best Jay Z voice.

Think of me as more than just a copywriter, really I’m an extension of your brand and marketing strategy team. My team will put together copy that sets your online business ablaze while you spend your precious time enriching people’s lives with more of your presence. Pack your bags + get ready for our world of words adventure! 










Let’s roll out the blueprint for how we can work together, shall we:

Step 1:

Pre-Game Plan

Our co-creation begins with me sending a well thought out list of targeted questions that help me to fully understand your brand before we set off on our vacay. Send your answers over before our project start date, so I can take care of the finer details of planning our copywriting project. 

Step 2:

Let’s Make Magic

My team will deliver stress-free, high value content that will build the foundation of your dream business online. The first draft will be open for tweaking + revisions to make sure it’s aligned with your vision. Once I have your revisions we’re more than halfway done!

Step 3: 

Get Ready to Shine

I’ll review the final revisions + you can get the party poppers ready. Your brand spankin’ new copy will amplify the volume of your online personality. Together we will be one step closer to creating a world where time-strapped entrepreneurs are wholeheartedly supported by killer copy + online strategies that makes dreams grow + cash flow.






Rick Mulready

Tatiana El-Khouri

Absolute Travel Addict

Rich Hipster

Sherri Calosso

Lisa Clegg

Chrisette Michele

Alicia Morrow

Daring Happiness

Celia Ward-Wallace

The Last Minute Bride


Amber McCue

Amber Housley

Cami Elen

34 Minutes Shoes

Designing Her Life

Dari Design Studio




I’m forever grateful to collaborate with some of the most creative people in business.
Now it’s your turn. Choose from the packages below..


Summer Vacay Package

Summer Vacay Package

When’s the last time you updated your website content? It’s probably time for a full makeover if you had to think about your answer. Here’s what you’ll get in this five day virtual vacation:

  • Copy For Seven Web Pages of Your Choice
  • Page Ideas: Home, About, Sales, Contact, etc.
  • Three Meetings + Two Revisions
  • Get Your Content Live Checklist

You + I both know there are more pieces to the website puzzle when you want a beautiful + functional online presence.

That's why I have designed a full immersion experience to save you time + effort when developing your website. There will be a photographer and graphic designer on hand, so you can walk away from this vacation with a fully branded online presence.

I only offer two sessions per month. So grab your beach towel (because it’s always summer somewhere in the world) + let’s get our virtual vacay booked. 

Click Here to Apply!


Honeymoon Package

What if I told you could pick this packaged beauty + we could complete the project in four business days? Yes, that's right.. we schedule four days on our calendars. Once the days are blocked out we head off on our dreamy writing vacay.

    • Copy For Three Web Pages of Your Choice + Auto Responder
    • Page Ideas: Home, About, Sales, Contact, etc.
    • Three Meetings + Two Revisions
    • Get Your Content Live Checklist

    Choose the honeymoon package, so we can get started on all those projects that will impact lives + grow your online empire.

    I only offer three sessions per month, so lets start sooner rather than later.

    Click Here to Apply!


Weekend Warrior Package

Are you ready to work hard, play hard for three days? If so, grab your night on the town threads, so we can start the party right with these little projects that will create a big impact in your business.

  • Copy For Three Web Pages of Your Choice
  • Page Ideas: Home, About, Sales, Contact, etc.
  • Three Meetings + Two Revisions
  • Get Your Content Live Checklist

This weekend warrior is designed, so we can whip out these petite projects that make dreams grow + cash flow for your business.

I only offer four sessions per month, are you all in? 

Click Here to Apply!


P.S. If you don’t see a package you’re looking for here then send a love note about your project to sarah {at} sarahgrear {dot} com, so we can chop up the details together. 

P.P.S. If you’re ready to get the content party started with one of these sweet little copywriting services you’re awesome, AND don’t forget to read the finer details at the bottom of this page. 


Soaking Up Growth

Copywriting is an investment in your growth. Check out what other CCW clients have to say!



Copywriting TestimonialSarah Grear is remarkable. Working with her has been like a breath of fresh air.

“Sarah Grear is remarkable. Working with her has been like a breath of fresh air. She delivers impeccable work with professionalism, always establishing clear turnaround times. Her writing style + skills perfectly blend creativity + adherence to specific requests. Working with her has caused me to be clearer + focused about what I am asking for because she listens so intently to the details while holding the bigger vision of the request. There is not one thing I would ask her to do differently. I highly recommend her. She is, in fact, the only creative writer that I would recommend.”

Corry Ann March | Human Volition
Founder & Executive Coach



Website Copy Testimonial


Working with Sarah is easy, effortless + stress free.

“Working with Sarah is easy, effortless + stress free. I am a busy individual with multiple businesses + I can always count on Sarah to guide me through the process + make sure tasks are being handled. She is very responsible + ‘on it’ + I value that in people on my success team.”

Joanna Vargas | The Fit Factor Studio



The Finer Details..

Each package can be purchased at full price or two payments. The first payment is due once you commit to the package + in return you will get a guaranteed date for us to create magic together. If you choose a second payment it’s due five business days prior to our scheduled call.

Out of respect for our collective time + anyone else that has signed up for the I’ll Write It For You copywriting packages there are no refunds once you have committed with the first payment.

In return, I will promise to make sure we are a good fit for each other before we dive into our project. Aaannddd.. if I can’t fulfill all your word-ly needs then I have a few recommendations of friends that can take care of you for sure.

Did I mention the I’ll Write It For You packages are guaranteed? If you purchase any of these little gems then I guarantee on time delivery of your project, or you get 100% of your money back.


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