WHAT is B-SCHOOL 2016? MY REVIEW + Free Mentorship

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For the past four years of my copywriting business, I’ve made it a practice to look back at the previous year to get grounded in my vision and set future goals. I check in on whether or not I’m aligned with my goals, and I’m looking at every aspect from my finances to my spiritual life and everything in between.

As I look back at 2015, one of the biggest and best business decisions I made was to join Marie Forleo’s B-School three years ago. This one program made it possible for me to not only work from home, but I was also able to triple my income compared to what I was earning with my copywriting business before I took B-School.

Now I work in my business three days out of the week and I’ve expanded my client base to have a global reach. Literally, my clients and partnerships are in 16 countries including the UK, Africa, and as far as Australia.

Those were natural relationships built from being an active member of the B-School community, and this program taught me to build an online presence that would attract global clients and partnerships all over the world.

Some of these incredible partnerships have lead me to working with a Grammy Award Winning Singer Songwriter and any of her artists signed to her label! Not to mention in when I travel to Canada in May, I already have a community of B-School entrepreneurs to meet up with during my trip.

It’s all pretty mind-blowing and to be completely honest B-school has been everything to my business, health, and confidence.

Initially, I signed up for the marketing training, I really wanted to love my website and the old one felt stale, corporate, and completely lacking in my personality. When I compared it to the websites I saw from B-School graduates I instantly knew I had a LOT to learn.

So I launched my new website from what I learned in B-school within 6 months of taking the program. A fun, unexpected side effect of the program is that as I started to get my business in better shape, I also wanted to get my body in better shape. So in my first year of B-School I ended up losing 9% body fat, because I was so committed to all of my goals both personally and for marketing my business.

From there the results kept rolling in and my confidence kept growing.. In 2014, I published a book, and in 2015 I released an online course and both of these products bring me leveraged income every month. Now 80% of my client base is brought in online! Since 2014, I’ve made enough income to hire a small team to support me while giving back to my local community with money and time.

Another reason I signed up for the program is the lifelong membership. Even though I signed up in 2013, I would have access to any upgrades or new content that Marie released inside the B-School member area each and every year.

Since 2014, I’ve been partnering with Marie and her team to be a B-School mentor for creatives and healers who want to take their business to the next level.

FULL DISCLOSURE: To be completely up front, I am a proud affiliate of B-School. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you do make a purchase. I recommend Marie Forleo, because I wholeheartedly believe in her and the B-School community. I don’t recommend investing in B-School unless you truly feel it will help you to achieve your goals.


B-School for Healers and Creatives



With my FREE mentorship, I offer some special love bonuses that you receive for signing up through my link.

Keep reading for all the details…

Who is my B-School mentorship for?

  • If you have a business idea (even if it’s not fully formed) and you are not afraid to dive into taking action while profiting from your unique gifts.
  • If you love being a part of a global community that will support you wholeheartedly and help you to bounce around new ideas and strategies for your business.
  • If you already have a business, but technology intimidates you, finally get some sound advice on how to tame that beast.


Who is my B-School mentorship NOT for?

  • If changing the world and having a business you love doesn’t light you up then you should probably not join.
  • If you’re already crystal clear on your marketing plan that will grow your business online and offline.
  • If you already make more than enough money and your client waiting list is full for the entire year (by the way this happens to many B-School grads). I’ve been booked up to three months in advance.


Here’s my love bonus + a sparkly gift for joining my mentorship:

  • Access to The Copy Camp a DIY (stands for Do It Yourself) course for Healers and Creatives, this course was created to help you write + profit from your website. Value: $997
  • If you will be in Los Angeles and you’re one of the first 7 to sign up for my B-School mentorship then you will be invited to a private dock boat party. We’ll be raising a glass of bubbly to 2016 while sharing your vision with your new business besties on a 30 foot sailboat!! This is a private event taking place on Feb 27 near Santa Monica for new B-Schoolers in my mentorship program only. Value: Priceless
  • Three months free of Thinkific’s Business Plan, so you can easily create and launch your first (or next) online course. Plus, Thinkific’s Get Started Resource Package. Thinkific helps entrepreneurs grow their brands and earn revenue with easy to create online courses. Includes full access to the Thinkific support team, so you can seek assistance at any point. Value: $397
  • Ongoing support in a private Facebook community for creatives + healers hosted by Sarah Grear. Value: $297
  • Eight weeks of email support throughout B-School directly from me. Value: $297


Total Value: $1988 (at no cost to you!!)


Be the first to get access when B-School opens up and access to my FREE mentorship plus the bonus gifts listed above at no cost to you!!

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Hint: My eight week mentorship is only open for enrollment once each year. I’m limiting the seats in the mentorship to 40 spots.

Here’s what to do next. Click HERE to get instant access to enrollment in B-School and look for the big purple “Enroll Now” button at the bottom of the page.


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