39 Books for Every Entrepreneur to Read in 2015

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Reading books, or listening to audiobooks, is the best investment you can make in yourself as an entrepreneur. The trick is not to get caught up in all the options out there + really choose to read the books that will help you through your current situation or issue that you’re facing with business or life.

It’s great to have a long list of books to read, but you shouldn’t just start at the top of your list + start reading. It’s best to be selective + choose the book that will be most relevant to your business at that time. The most important book for you to read may not even have to do with business. You might need to read about relationships or money.

39 Books for Entrepreneurs to Read in

Either way be sure to focus on the books that will best serve you depending on where you’re at in your business or life. I like to think of reading as having your own personal coach without the price tag of having to hire the coach. Don’t get me wrong. I do believe in hiring coaches, but I also believe in listening to your own intuition + reading books that will serve you.

Here’s a list of my top reads from 2014 + other recommended books for my fellow entrepreneurs.

FULL DISCLOSURE: To be completely up front, I am a proud affiliate of these books. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you do make a purchase. I recommend and have read many of these books, because I wholeheartedly believe in them. Some of them were recommended by my community of entrepreneurs + I personally went through the list to make sure they would be helpful to any entrepreneur. I’m not a total reading robot, so some of them have not been read by me yet. I don’t recommend investing in the books unless you truly feel it will help you to achieve your goals. All opinions 100% my own.


MONEY Master The GameTony Robbins
Daring Greatly Brene Brown 
The Four AgreementsDon Miguel Ruiz 
Info Product CompleteLoralee Hutton 
The Power of ReceivingAmanda Owen 
You Can Heal Your Life Louise Hay
The Big LeapGay Hendricks 
Infinite Possibilities Mike Dooley 
The Art of Asking Amanda Palmer 
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind T. Harv Enker
Grain Brain David Perlmutter, MD
This Changes Everything Naomi Klein 
The Right to Write Julia Cameron 
Love 2.0Barbara Fredrickson
7000 Ways to Listen Mark Nepo 
Get Rich Lucky Bitch Denise Duffield Thomas 
The 4 Hour Work Week Tim Ferriss 
$100 Startup Chris Guillebeau 
12 Week Year Brian P. Moran 
The Law of Divine Compensation Marianne Williamson 
Conscious LanguageRobert Tennyson Stevens 
Essentialism Greg McKeown 
Thinking, Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman
How to Write a Sentence Stanley Fish
#GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso

Just Tell Me What To Do!

A Guide to Becoming The True YOU 

Wendy Reese 
Eastern Body, Western Mind Anodea Judith 
Thrive Arianna Huffington 
What to Do When it’s Your Turn Seth Godin 
A Course In Miracles Foundation For Inner Peace 
Fearless Living Rhonda Britten 
Playing Big Tara Mohr 
The War of Art Steven Pressfield 
The Prosperous Heart Julia Cameron 
The Renaissance Soul Margaret Lobenstine 

Unleash Your Voice: 

DIY Website Writing Guide for Entrepreneurs 

Sarah Grear

(yours truly) 

Overcoming Underearning Barbara Stanny
E-CubedPam Grout 
The One Thing Gary Keller 


So, where should you start reading? Check in with yourself and see what area you need to improve first.

My top three all-time favorite books I read as an entrepreneur last year were E-Squared by Pam Grout (manifesting), The One Thing by Gary Keller (productivity), and Overcoming Under Earning by Barbara Stanny (money).  


Do you have a favorite book that you read recently? Share it in the comments below. #wordnerdsunite

With Luminosity,





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    • Carl Logan

      at 15:38:13

      Great list here. Thank You for sharing. I will look into picking one or two of them up this month.
      My top pick of recent times would be Way of the Junglepreneur from David Fasanya.
      A truly wonderful resource and inspiring piece of writing that reads almost like a business novel. One of the few business books that I frequently refer back to. http://junglepreneur.com/

      • Sarah Grear

        at 17:07:44

        Awesome– thank you for the reco Carl! I’ll add it, and I love what you said about it reading like a novel.

    • Sasha Stone

      at 13:52:23

      The Big Leap was hugely transformational for me, as well as The Law of Divine Compensation. Happy to see both of those on your list! Another recommendation I have is Woman Code by Alisa Vitti. It’s an enlightening read for all women and guides you to live in greater harmony with your cycle, so you can feel more balanced and nurtured in all areas of your life.
      Thanks Sarah!

      • Sarah Grear

        at 13:25:20

        Sasha I will pick up Woman Code– thank you for the reco. It sounds like this book is exactly what I could use right now : )

    • Teri

      at 10:28:44

      I love this list! I have to add to it a recent release by Sandi Krakowski titled #BEMORE, 77 Secrets to your Powerful Life, and a good old one that is great for both personal and business is Boundaries, when to say yes, how to say no, by Cloud and Townsend. Great blog Sarah!

      • Sarah Grear

        at 10:59:00

        So beautiful Teri– thanks for sharing!



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